my blog turned 1 today!!!! this year has brought a lot of wonderful things and i’m already wondering what next year will bring!
thank you so much for following me, without you my blog wouldn’t have come as far as this! :) now i’m off to celebrate it with
a delicious cake and some gossip girl episodes… xoxo

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i need that bag!!!!

last weekend i went to ANSH46 to celebrate the launch of their webshop + rad hourani in the netherlands. the store had the most amazing pieces (alexander wang, minimarket, ready to fish!) and i immediately fell in love with these beautiful items. everything was way above my budget but some items are definitely worth saving for! rad hourani is a brand with unisex pieces, all made perfectly with great fabrics. looks really classy and neat. would definitely love to have a rad hourani piece but again, it’s above my budget. but that doesn’t mean that you don’t have to look at the great pieces ANSH46 offers. click here!

++ NEW IN ++

back from two wonderful days of shopping in rotterdam and antwerp. these items are my favorites. furthermore i bought a black leather bag, a dark blue parka, a feather head-band and a necklace with two silver feathers. you’ll see them passing by on my blog! i’m happy with the result, can’t wait to wear everything :)


after a year of neglecting my account, i decided to update my Flickr.
from now on i’m going to keep my account updated and i will upload as many photos as possible.
just to let you know. if you’re interested (: