i’m having so much fun celebrating carnaval :) during daytime i’m busy working on my portfolio.
in about 2 weeks i have to go to the academy in rotterdam for an admission interview. very exciting for me because i’ve been
dreaming about this academy for years! i can’t show you everything yet, but when the interview is done i will show
you more photos of my portfolio :)


thank you all so much for entering the Zalando competition! 85 people have entered and that’s a lot! and now: the winner….
congratulations LaceandPearls! you have won 25 euros to spend at Zalando! :)
i will send an e-mail to you tonight!


i was not feeling well this morning so i decided to stay in bed today. so instead of outfitphotos i decided to post my favorite analogue
party pics! why? this friday it’s time for the annual ‘carnaval’ in holland: 5 days of partying and dressing up, excited!!!
i’ve got my outfits and (fisheye)camera ready, these pictures are going to be awesome!


today was shooting day!! we wanted to do a fashionshoot for our magazine and in colaboration with a photographer and a store in our
village we had the chance to do this awesome shoot! we asked two girls from our school (in the middle of the photo) to model.
friday evening we went to the store to search for some outfits for the shoot and this morning we picked them up. had
a fun morning and i can’t wait to show you the results! magazine will be done in a couple of weeks ;)