behold: my new camera! i hope you didn’t notice it but my camera (canon eos 1000D) was broken so i couldn’t post good photos.. it took about 10 seconds before my camera took a photo (really annoying!) and a couple of days ago it was only able to take black and white pictures or alien green with purple, very strange! repairing it would cost me about 200 euros + costs of the replaced new components. so i decided to go for a new body and now i’m the proud owner of a canon eos 600D! it has this cool screen which you can expand, flip and rotate and i now have the possibility to make movies 🙂 so: i’m back in the game!


from now on you can find me on fashiolista! *CLICK*
if you have an account too, let me know in the comments, i’m curious about your pages!

what’s fashiolista? on fashiolista you can collect your favorite fashion items on one page.
if you see something you like you push the ‘love it!’ button. you can also add new items to

fashiolista. you can download a widget which gives you the posibility to add items from,
for example, to your collection.
i discovered a lot of new webshops by using fashiolista. also really cool: they have a lot of
giveaways with supertrash, kandee shop, modcloth, nelly and many more
warning: do not use when you are on a shopping-diet.


picture by me
this is what my room looks like right now, gorgeous right?! just got home from work and now i’m lying in bed watching
the stars in my room. i got this lamp from ebay(search for astrostar). one of the best purchases ever. it’s so beautiful.


pictures by me
so i went to the Modemeisjes for Lakeside event and i had such a wonderful evening! everything was organised really
well: the location was great (college hotel in amsterdam), lovely entrance, great fashion show, drinks, snacks, attractive
waiters(haha), celebrities, press and goodiebags. i was accompanied by my lovely blogger-friends Nanne, Anouk,
Jan, Hazal, Cana and Fleur . at the fashion show we saw very colorful outfits and leopard prints. i liked the colorful outfits the most 🙂
if you want to see their collection in real life: it’s available at all Lake Side stores.

want to see a video including the fashion show and an interview? click here!


time for a quick update! i got out of school an hour ago and quickly went home to put on this outfit. i’m going to amsterdam
within a couple of minutes for something really cool: the launch of modemeisjes for lakeside. ‘modemeisjes’ tamara
elbaz, josh veldhuizen and maria tailor have created their own clothing line which will be available at lake side. tonight
is their big night because they’re having a launch party at the college hotel in amsterdam. there will be a catwalk show,
a party and i saw on twitter that a lot of famous dutch people are invited (van velzen, gerard joling, fiona hering,
lieke van lexmond, trijntje oosterhuis, georgina verbaan etc. etc.) – and yes, i’m attending it! i’m wearing my french
dress, zara heels, michael kors watch, accessorize clutch and primark ring.
and now i got to run to catch my train! of course i will take a lot of pictures! xoxo