lace blazer nastygal / american flag top stradivarius / bag zara / levi’s shorts etsy / sandals coolway

today i’m wearing something comfortable. i’m going to study for my last exam (economics……), maybe i’ll go for a walk with
my dog in the woods and i have to work. after work it’s time for cocktails at a friend’s birthday party 🙂
tomorrow: more learning, my niece’s birthday, more working, and maybe a short drive in the car. what are your plans for the weekend?
and thank you so much for all the sweet comments on yesterday’s post 🙂


last week i passed my final exam for my drivers license! so yesterday i picked up my license and went for a ride in my mom’s car
together with my friend ana sofia.  it’s such a strange feeling, driving down the road, knowing you can go anywhere you want to, but i love it!
now i only need to get used to the car.. people are honking because i’m not that quick at traffic lights..


dress, bag Zara / watch michael kors / sandals coolway

today and yesterday were the perfect days for my maxi dress! i have never worn anything like this so i’d like to know:
what do you think? 🙂