i’m back!

hi guys! i’m back! i had a great time with my friends and pale as i always am i even got a little bit tanned :) when we arrived in Blanes it was really hot outside, at 7.30 in the morning we were at the beach already. on some days we weren’t blessed with sun and 30 degrees, but overall the weather was pretty good. we did a lot of fun things. we went out almost every night (we only skipped one night!) and we went to waterworld (recommended!!!). furthermore we went to a big party called millennium which was aaawesome, we enjoyed firework shows and of course we went swimming a-lot! one of the best things was the foam party on thursday night, definitely, so much fun! we came back last sunday and i spent my days in bed until today since i brought the flu back home with me. but now i’m feeling great and i’m ready for the rest of the holidays!
(more pictures later.. pictures of three disposable cameras are being developed!)


detail photo of what i wore a couple of days ago. and that day i finally got the chance
to take a picture of a group of flying birds. i love to watch the way they fly aroud.