merry christmas everybody! i’ll be spending my christmas holidays at my sister in berlin! tonight i’m heading to the airplane which
will take us to germany. this is going to be amazing, i’m finally going to see my sister again (haven’t seen her for about 5 months),
christmas markets and shopping of course (weekday, gina tricot, bianco!!!) as you can see i’ll be taking my fisheye camera with me :)
i’ll be back by wednesday but you won’t even notice that i’m gone. i’ve pre-programmed a post and if possible i’ll post an update
from my sister’s apartment :) enjoy your holidays!


i got these two cameras for my birthday! i got the left one (polaroid) from my sister and the right one (lomography fisheye) from my best friends. these are just perfect! can’t wait to take them with me! does any one know a cheap way to get films for the polaroid? the only thing i can find is 15 euros for 8 photos…

this present, from my mom, is really special to me. she bought this ring when i was born and she has worn it ever since. the day i turned 18 she gave it to me and now i wear it almost every day. it means a lot to me :) you can’t see it really clear but there are three little eyes on it which represent me, my sister ingrid and my sister marlies.

my friend Aida gave me this nail polish from Koh. love the galaxy effect and the quality’s reaalllyy good! think i’m in love with this brand. there goes my money.. for those who are interested: the polish’s name is “black stars”
furthermore i got an ipod shuffle from my friend Ricardo, driving lessons from my mom and dad and an electric blanket because i can’t stand the cold, hate having cold hands and feet all the time! thank you all so much for these lovely presents!


can’t stop looking at my new bag and i take it with me wherever i go… think i am in love .. :) what’s your favorite bag?
do you have one you can’t imagine living without? pictures please!!


blouse, boots Primark | sweater Romwe | bag Ebay | black skinny jeans river island | watch MK

as promised an outfit post with me wearing one of my new romwe sweaters. it’s reallly warm and i love how loose and wide it is. looks so comfy! exactly what i need this weekend, because it’s filled with doing homework and learning for some tests. upcoming week will be one of the busiest school weeks ever… :( what are your plans for this weekend? :)


i received a package with two knitted sweaters in it, my romwe order has arrived! sorry for the bad photo but it was dark already when i got home. tomorrow there will be an outfit post. but first: a fun evening with my dearest friends. we’re having our annual evening filled with a 3 course menu and presents to celebrate the holidays. this is going to be fun. of course i will take pictures :) enjoy your evening!