blazer, wedges H&M | white top Primark | clutch Accessorize | shorts ZARA | watch Michael Kors | nailpolish NYC

two days after new year’s eve and i still look terrible. but it was worth it. definitely.
i’ve spent the last two days in bed watching movies and sleeping. tonight i’ll be on the road for my driving lessons and afterwards
i’m going to watch movies with my sister. tomorrow my hectic life will start. i’ve got a lot to do: i still have to make an entire magazine in
a very short period so my job as fulltime magazinemaker will start tomorrow! enjoy your evening!


i’d like to wish you all a happy newyear, filled with prosperity and dreams coming true 🙂 i celebrated the new year together
with my friends at bente’s house. after the countdown we headed towards the village to party in
our favorite pub. i’m wondering what this year will bring!


shopping in berlin! i was really happy when i saw a gina tricot store, have been craving to shop there for ages. scroll down to see what’s in the bag 😉 bought the shoes at Mango at the big sale. it was meant to be. they were standing there: the only pair left, exactly my size and for half of the price. had to take them with me!

bought this top at gina tricot which i probably will be wearing on new years eve.

i went to the city with my friends the day after i got back from berlin. bought these wedges at H&M and the clutch at Accessorize.

welcome to my closet! (:


i just got back from berlin and i can’t wait to tell you about it and show you the pictures i took. i had a great time!
it was great seeing my sister again 🙂 i’m showing you the pictures in parts, starting with day 1:
the stores were closed the first day we were in berlin because it was the second day of christmas.
we decided to go sightseeing and our first stop was the cathedral of berlin.
the dome of the cathedral. impressed by its beauty. got to love the paintwork!!
on top of the cathedral. had to walk thousands of stairs but the view was definitely worth it!
the brandenburger tor
time for a break: hot chocolate and donuts at dunkin’ donuts (heaven)
the three of us together at the holocaust monument
there were little chrismas markets everywhere. loved the cute little houses. and definitely astonished watching
people drinking beer and eating ‘currywurst’ at 11 in the morning!

when we got back to my sister’s apartment we prepared everything for our christmas dinner 🙂

stay tuned for day 2: shopping!


merry christmas everybody! i’ll be spending my christmas holidays at my sister in berlin! tonight i’m heading to the airplane which
will take us to germany. this is going to be amazing, i’m finally going to see my sister again (haven’t seen her for about 5 months),
christmas markets and shopping of course (weekday, gina tricot, bianco!!!) as you can see i’ll be taking my fisheye camera with me 🙂
i’ll be back by wednesday but you won’t even notice that i’m gone. i’ve pre-programmed a post and if possible i’ll post an update
from my sister’s apartment 🙂 enjoy your holidays!