sweater, belt Buon Vivere | bag Ebay | watch MK | turqois ring Primark

today’s outfit! i’m free from school today so i’m going to shop at a second hand store. afterwards it’s time for some dinner
and the beginning of the evening i will be spending at the city, shopping with my best friend 🙂 and tonight i probably
will go out with my friends at the local pub, celebrating the end of our testweek!! and there’s another reason for a party:
two days ago i reached a total of 700 followers on google friend connect! thank you all so much 🙂

the sweet Lucy from yours-lucy asked me if she could do an interview with me! if you’re interested in reading it,
you can find it here: click (it’s in Czech but at the bottom you can download an English version)
and you should check out her blog, she’s only 14 but she already has a great sense of style!


really need some some new jewellery! above you see a selection of my favorites from asos, nelly and topshop.
don’t know which ones to choose.. help!!

1. topshop tube and rhinestone ring stack
2. this cute little bunny ring from asos
3. love this asos cross ring!!
4. Nelly’s wanted bracelet/ring
5. cross earrings, Nelly
6. this really great stud-necklace, also from Nelly
7. marc by marc jacobs rose gold watch, beautiful color 🙂
8. how awesome is this wildfox double finger ring?!
9. asos skinny cross bangle


ph. by me

my poor dog has had surgery and now he has to wear some kind of sweater, really sad but so cute!
2. received this Rituals make-up set from cosmogirl after winning “look of the month”
3. got myself a cute bathrobe, dark blue with white little swallows, from H&M
4. it’s getting cold outside! getting warm with hot chocolate and a muffin after taking outfitphotos
5. i bought a Moleskine agenda for 2011-2012. can’t live without it already.
6. busy working on our magazine!
7. received this gorgeous bracelet from i am jai after winning a facebook competition
8. and last but not least: me and my friends have booked our summertrip to marmaris, Turkey

what have you been up to lately? and do you like these kind of diary posts?