wearing one of my favorite items at the moment: this cute forever21 sweater with aztec print. this week i’m free from school but it doesn’t feel like i’m having holidays. upcoming week i have an important test week so i have to study a lot during my holidays. but luckily there’s time left for some fun things: tonight i’ll probably be watching the new paranormal activity movie in the cinema, tomorrow i’m going to rotterdam with my aunt and in the evening i’ll be attending a blogger event, and -finally- i’m going to antwerp with my mum this friday 🙂 but before i’ll be able to enjoy all these things i’ll have to spend this entire day reading my books..


last week my new ‘winter’ coat from asos (click here) arrived! i LOVE it but it’s not warm at all (weather forecast says it’s going to be -23°C!!!). the fabric is really thin and i paid around a 100 euros for it.. but the good part: it is a little bit too big so theres still room left for a really big sweater. i could wear an extra sweater underneath my coat, but on the other hand it’s not really handy. i’m doubting: should i keep it or should i return it? what do you think? 🙂


yesterday i received something very special in my mailbox: this amazing illustration of me! 🙂
this pretty piece of art is made by fashion illustrator Cecilia and it’s made exactly the way i like it. you should check out her page if you like this kind of art, she makes really cool illustrations! a friend of mine is going to learn me how to work with illustrator a little bit because i’d really love to learn how to illustrate. craving to be as good as cecilia one day!!! thank you so much! 🙂


don’t you just LOVE these knitted sweaters? this is just a small selection of the perfect sweaters they offer at i’d love to have them all but unfortunately they are pretty expensive and i don’t even know if they ship to my country. let me know if you have found any good replacements for these! especially when you have found a sweater like the 5th one with the aztec print, need it!! 🙂


i’m in my last year of school which means i have to work on a big project. it can be anything and i have chosen to do something awesome: i’m going to make a magazine! i’ll be working together with my friend Mei Siu and Norman is going to help us because he’s really good at graphic design. we’re actually going to print it and eventually it will be lying in stores in my village. it will be a magazine with around 30 pages filled with fashion, lifestyle and cooking. it’s going to be great and everything is going to be quite professional. we’ll have to find advertisers and sponsors, we’re going to work with a real model in a real photostudio and we’ll have to do a lot of economic stuff. right now it’s only in its beginning phase. the idea is developed and now we’re making moodboards to decide what kind of style and graphics were going to put in it. i’ll keep you updated so you can follow our progress!