wearing one of my favorite items at the moment: this cute forever21 sweater with aztec print. this week i’m free from school but it doesn’t feel like i’m having holidays. upcoming week i have an important test week so i have to study a lot during my holidays. but luckily there’s time left for some fun things: tonight i’ll probably be watching the new paranormal activity movie in the cinema, tomorrow i’m going to rotterdam with my aunt and in the evening i’ll be attending a blogger event, and -finally- i’m going to antwerp with my mum this friday 🙂 but before i’ll be able to enjoy all these things i’ll have to spend this entire day reading my books..

31 thoughts on “AZTEC”

  1. Hij is echt geweldig, en die film lijkt me zo eng! Ik heb de eerste 2 delen al gezien en ik vond ze echt verschrikkelijk haha! Veel plezier nog deze week met alles. XXX

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