last friday i attended the bloggers event at Co/motion PR in Amsterdam. during this day we got to know Esprit and Quoins better. we had to pick our favorite Esprit item and style it with a Quoins necklace. the Quoins necklaces were really fun to make; you get to choose every part yourself; necklace (color and length), pendant-case (gold, silver, rose, with or without little crystals etc.) and pendants (coins, stones, glitters and much more). you can wear just 1 pendant but also more. it’s all your choice! here are some photos of this day:

the showroom was really warm and cosy 🙂

sushi and prosecco!

choosing one of the Esprit items; i chose a red knitted sweater

nanne (left) and me (right) with our Esprit sweaters and Quoins necklaces

bloggers! this(photo with half of our heads cut off) always happens when you let a stranger take a photo of you, haha!
do you recognize any of these bloggers? they’re nanne, rowan, sharon, roos and jan.

first 3 pics were taken by roos and the last 2 were taken by me.


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