this post is different from my others but i just needed to share this with you! last saturday i attended a game called ‘yukigassen’. it’s a game
which originally was created in Japan. Yuki is japanese for ‘snow’ and ‘gassen’ is japanese for ‘fighting’. which means: a HUGE snowballfight!!!
i was asked to take pictures and i just need to show you these because you need to know how incredibly fun this game is!
rules are simple: there are two teams; red and blue. each team has to grab as much snowballs as possible (which are made
before the game starts) and when the starting signal is given ….
you attack! you have to throw your snowballs and when you get hit you’re out of the game.
while throwing you have to hide behind these tiny walls because you don’t want to get hit!!
and when the chance is given, you get to run or dive to your main goal: the opponent’s flag.
my sister and her team
some teams were very creative with their outfits haha!
got some great action shots too!

after taking pictures i had to try it too! had so much fun playing this game. i think this game should be held every year.

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