last week i went to PRBB, a public relations agency, to visit their event where bloggers meet. it was the first time ever that PRBB organised something including bloggers so it was a special evening 🙂 the agency organised it together with two students for their school project. they did such a great job! i loved the showroom because it was beautiful but also very original, you have to see the pictures below! PRBB represents a lot of awesome brands like Motel Rocks, MinkPink, One Teaspoon, Jan Boelo, Mina UK, l’Oreal and Mad Love. these brands are amazing right?

first we started chatting with some other bloggers and we walked around the showroom to check out all of the clothes. loved the minkpink rack the most 🙂 in the meantime we were provided with delicious drinks from Absolut Vodka. at the end of the night it was time for something special: the wheel of fortune. PRBB had an amazing surprise for us. we all had to choose our own lucky number and the organisers spinned
the wheel. you could win fabulous prizes which were sponsored by the different brands that PRBB represents. what i
won? check out these photos:

the showoom, looks great right? and as you can see, exciting stories were being told haha 🙂

love Absolut Vodka. there are always such delicious drinks at blogger events. i need to know how they make these cocktails!

the wheel of fortune!

everyone wanted those awesome prizes, look at the tension on our faces 😉

me, jan and juan checking out the products i won…

wow! a big bag filled with Urban Tribe products! great prize right? besides this huge bag i also have won a cute Motel Rocks dress
which i will show you later on. it’s worth having it’s own post!

thank you so much for this fun evening PRBB! looking forward to the next PRBB event!
don’t know PRBB yet? check out their website, facebook or twitter


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