i told you the post would be online tomorrow but i couldn’t wait! let’s go…

yesterday i went to amsterdam with nanne for the unlimited PR blogger press day. at the showroom we met several
other bloggers (i guess about 15) and at 13.00 we were ready for the fun activities. these activities were: making outfits with our favorite
marc o’polo
items, designing our own g-star shoes, being illustrated by Eva Verbakel for drykorn, getting our make-up
done by MAC cosmetics, being photographed with our favorite swatch watches, testing the new Kiss&Kill 3d sunglasses
and there even was a rowing competition for Hackett!
we started with a cocktail at the entrance
our first activity: swatch watches! i chose the white one because i usually don’t wear very colorful items
getting my make-up done by MAC
LOVED these cakepops, so cute!
for Kiss&kill we tested a new concept: 3d sunglasses. these were awesome! you can wear them during daytime but also when you’re watching 3d movies, and the best thing: they don’t even look like 3d glasses (remember the paper ones with the green and red glasses?). loved the aviator glasses!
sacha shoes!!
this was fun! we had to choose our favorite item from Marc o’Polo and combine it with other pieces of the showroom. i chose this gorgeous dress, combined with an object lace top (in my hand), sacha flip flops and a blue and white striped bag (don’t know from which brand it was)
marloes, nanne, me, jan

getting photographed for marc o’ polo

Eva Verbakel for Drykorn. she made illustrations of us which were all really cool! i will show you mine later 🙂

blogger phuong getting ready for the Hackett rowing competition

i was so busy doing the other activities that i didn’t have any time left to do the g-star activity. above you see some
other bloggers designing their g-star shoes.
i had a great day, met a lot of people and did a lot of fun things! these blogger press days are so much fun, thanks A LOT unlimited PR! 🙂


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