1. broadway and canal street cross eachother at this point. our hotel was on canal 
street (manhattan) and from our hotel it was only a 5-minute walk to Topshop, American Apparel and more! 
2. shopping at 5th avenue. wearing my vero moda coat, H&M jeans and 
white converse all stars. get them here at spartoo schoenen. picture by nanne.
3. i love america! i took this picture at 5th avenue.
This morning we got back from New York! we have had such a great time and i miss being in the city already. temperatures in new york were about 11 degrees celsius and this morning we landed in the cold and snowy netherlands, so weird! unfortunately we weren’t able to see the statue of liberty due to the fog but of course we have visited a lot of other must-see’s in new york which i’m going to show you in my next blog posts. you’ll get to see times square, central park, 5th avenue, broadway, the hotel, my purchases and much more so stay tuned!
this trip was made possible by Stylight
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