if you don’t know her yet: meet Ebba, a girl from sweden with a great sense of style. she just turned sixteen (yes, really!!) and has been featured in several magazines. i’m following her blog for quite a while now and she keeps coming with outfits and photos full of inspiration. definitely worth checking out once! or twice, or every day 😉

41 thoughts on “inspiration”

  1. Ebba, ik volg haar op lookbook en check net als jou haar blog!Ik ben zo jaloers op haar, ze is zo mooi en haar huidje is gewoon geweldig!Heel leuk blog, ik volg je ! xooxox

  2. great blog
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  3. shes really pretty! very popular on lookbook too!

    We just wanted you to know we moved our blog to a new address

    We hope you will come by to visit us, and hopefully continue to
    follow through Bloglovin or RSS.

    Hope to hear from you soon!
    XX, Valerie and Camilla

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