macaroons at the anna scott event / the view at school / my comfort food during the exams

gift for my friend Bente / browsing through my old blog pictures / the view in Rotterdam during my morning run

my mandarin skills 🙂 / models at the izifes show, still love this photo i took / cupcakes at the izifes event

little selfportrait / working on my school assignment / lazy day with my dog sjef

my friend has this really fun app that turned us into cats / morning at school / chocolate fondue with Rosalie

movember party with rosalie / i FINALLY have films for my polaroid camera! / my appartment

i went to the IJhallen with jordi / and finally found a map for my appartment! / last week my
blog got visited for the 500.000th time (thank you!!)

today i started decorating my appartment with christmas accessories / christmas shopping / doing HTML/CSS homework

you can follow me @jenniefromtheblog

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