last week i went to the kunsthal in rotterdam to visit the jean paul gaultier exposition. i took some photos that i would like to share with you, but of course i won’t show you too much in case you’d like to go too 🙂 the exposition was great, we saw so many different designs. every single piece of it was breathtaking. we saw corsets, dresses, sketches, photos and the most amazing talking(!) mannequins.
1. i took this photo in a hall filled with jean paul’s punkrock designs. lots of glitters, mohawks and quilt skirts.
2. a photo with a model wearing one of jean paul’s beautiful dresses. i loved this picture.
3. jean paul made a corset with grain in it, how beautiful is that?!
4&5. this was, in my opinion, the most wearable item (the other ones were all a bit too much), and another corset!
6. i don’t know whether jean paul did design this couch or not, but it looks really comfy and i’d love to have it in my home
have you visited the exposition yet?
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