time for a quick update! i got out of school an hour ago and quickly went home to put on this outfit. i’m going to amsterdam
within a couple of minutes for something really cool: the launch of modemeisjes for lakeside. ‘modemeisjes’ tamara
elbaz, josh veldhuizen and maria tailor have created their own clothing line which will be available at lake side. tonight
is their big night because they’re having a launch party at the college hotel in amsterdam. there will be a catwalk show,
a party and i saw on twitter that a lot of famous dutch people are invited (van velzen, gerard joling, fiona hering,
lieke van lexmond, trijntje oosterhuis, georgina verbaan etc. etc.) – and yes, i’m attending it! i’m wearing my french
dress, zara heels, michael kors watch, accessorize clutch and primark ring.
and now i got to run to catch my train! of course i will take a lot of pictures! xoxo

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