ph. by me

my poor dog has had surgery and now he has to wear some kind of sweater, really sad but so cute!
2. received this Rituals make-up set from cosmogirl after winning “look of the month”
3. got myself a cute bathrobe, dark blue with white little swallows, from H&M
4. it’s getting cold outside! getting warm with hot chocolate and a muffin after taking outfitphotos
5. i bought a Moleskine agenda for 2011-2012. can’t live without it already.
6. busy working on our magazine!
7. received this gorgeous bracelet from i am jai after winning a facebook competition
8. and last but not least: me and my friends have booked our summertrip to marmaris, Turkey

what have you been up to lately? and do you like these kind of diary posts?

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