it’s time for the bigger post about ‘de modefabriek’! early in the morning i met up with Nanne and Marloes. together we
went to the Press desk where we got our press cards (really cool, first time i got a press card!!). with that card
we had access to the VIP room with free food and drinks and the fashionshow.
first, we went to take a look at the little stands. over 600 brands were presenting their newest collections and a lot
of it was very inspiring and beautiful.
gorgeous barong barong bracelets!

fell in love with this bag while watching areyouswedish’s stand
loved the 10feet stand!

at 11.30 it was time for the 10feet fashion show. the first catwalk show i’ve ever seen and i LOVED it. here are some photos:

Nanne and Marloes were looking great! i’ve had such a fun day with these girls 🙂
the modefabriek is definitely recommendable, it was such a great experience! looking forward to the next edition 😉

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