don’t you just LOVE these knitted sweaters? this is just a small selection of the perfect sweaters they offer at i’d love to have them all but unfortunately they are pretty expensive and i don’t even know if they ship to my country. let me know if you have found any good replacements for these! especially when you have found a sweater like the 5th one with the aztec print, need it!! 🙂

20 thoughts on “MODEKUNGEN KNITWEAR”

  1. Ohh i just love knitwear too… the feeling of being really comfy on a big chunky sweater!!! Sadly summer is coming it way around here.. But well..i´ll get to enjoy the swimmingpool at least hahaha.


  2. Oh, my gosh. This post is heaven sent! I actually just prompted the question to my readers as to where to find the perfect AW-wear. I’ve been looking for gorgeous chunky, slouchy knit sweaters like these for this Fall so now I will definitely have to check out Modekungen! Thank you so much for sharing!

    xoxo Coco
    Muffin Top Baby

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