great news! i got a new room 🙂 after summer i will be moving to rotterdam to study Communication and Multimedia design, so i decided to go and look for a room. registered myself on a website and found this cute room! it’s a room in a house with two floors where 4 girls live together. one of them is leaving so someone has to replace her. together with some other girls i was invited to come over to take a look at the house and to get to know the girls that are already living there. the evening was fun and about 5 minutes after i had walked out the door i got a call that they had chosen me to become the new girl in the house! 🙂

and now i’m thinking about how i’m going to style the room! at the left you see the clothing rack in my current room. this is the one thing in my current room which i really want to take with me. in the middle you see what my new room looks like right now but when i get the keys it will be completely empty. don’t you just love the little space for the bed? there’s also a closet on the left when you walk into it! (maybe i could make a walk-in-closet??). on the right you see some inspiration i have found on the internet. i’d love to create something like that, with a lot of white.

my big question for you: how would you decorate this room?

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