photos by me and photo 1,2 and 4 by Nanne
after our flight we dropped our bags at the hotel and went to times square! above you see the pictures of day 1:
1. goodbye holland, see you soon! the clouds looked like cotton candy. such a beautiful view!
2. nanne and i watched movies during the flight and we played games like battleship against each other (of course with a pillow blocking our sights so nobody could cheat!). i watched pitch perfect again, love that movie.
3. the magical times square! the billboards are incredibly big and especially at night the atmosphere is great.
4. happy (and tired) me at times square! you’ll get to see more pictures of my the outfit i was wearing soon.
5. big billboards, the Disney store and yellow taxi’s. you get the ultimate new york feeling at times square!
6. meet our new friends! i love this picture of nanne, it’s so cute 🙂 still wondering who’s inside the costumes 🙂
7. Forever21 on times square is the biggest clothing store i have ever seen in my life. there were so many clothes and there even was a yellow cab inside the building. though the store was great, i didn’t buy anything at forever21. i just couldn’t find anything i would want to wear, so strange because there were like a billion clothes to choose from! i guess i wasn’t in the shopping mood due to the long flight.. but on day two we bought A LOT!
as you might know, we won this trip by creating a moodboard about new york on stylight. stylight has an exclusive blogger community and organises great things like fashion events and much more for the bloggers which are in that community! you could be part of it too! you can sign up here
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