so yesterday i got a letter from the willem de kooning academy: didn’t got accepted.. this was a total shock because i really didn’t see this coming. my portfolio looked great (been working on that for 2 years) and the interview went great also. i got the feeling that something went wrong with the computer system or something. or maybe my results are switched with somebody else’s. i also received a letter with a review of my admission which showed me how many points i got for each section. on a scale from 0-10 my portfolio got a 1, for the assignment a 2, and for the interview a 0 (???) seems a little unrealistic right?? i’m going to make phone calls as soon as possible and i’ll write a letter. how can you get a 0 for an interview which went great? and a 1 for a portfolio i’ve been working on for 2 years? i’ll keep you updated!

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