the very talented maja vonava made this illustration of me! looks great doesn’t it? you should check out her blog for more wonderful illustrations! (and maybe get your own๐Ÿ™‚? ) thank you maja! i always love these kind of illustrations. sometimes i search for these on the internet and try to create something like that. result? awful!


so happy with our purchases haha ๐Ÿ˜€

me, my friend Mei Siu and my sister planned on going to the opening of forever 21 in Antwerp yesterday but when we saw that 2000 people on facebook had that plan too, we decided to travel to brussels. what a beautiful store!!! i think it’s one of the most beautiful stores i’ve ever been to. it was big, cosy, had lotttts of clothes and great accessories. the only downside was the heat. brussels is a very beautiful city and i really want to go back some day. also because we have the feeling that we missed a lot of stores, buildings and the big market. next time we have to check out where we have to go before we start our trip. the trip back was a great adventure. the 1,5hour train-trip turned into a 4,5 hour trip. someone jumped in front of a train and our train had to stop. in the middle of nowhere we had to get out of the train and wait at a terrain. after the waiting we got picked up by buses which brought us to a trainstation nearby. again we had to wait for a train and when it came we had to travel for another half our. luckily my mom was waiting at the station where we arrived and she took us home. we were very tired of the waiting and such so i immediately got to bed, dreaming of my new purchases ๐Ÿ™‚ do you like them?

shorts, earrings and jumper forever21 // circle scarf H&M