all photos by me, except for photo 9 and 12: they’re made by nanne
shopping in new york is really fun! we ran into stores like victoria’s secret, hollister, abercrombie&fitch, zara, H&M, forever21, american apparel, urban outfitters and mango. furthermore there were a lot of warehouses and of course the chique designer boutiques. we went shopping on 5th avenue and on broadway. topshop, urban outfitters and american apparel were actually like 5 minutes away from our hotel! here’s a little recap of the shopping in new york:

1. Wow, the Versace store looked so luxurious. we didn’t go inside but just seeing the outside was enough.
2. & 3. Shopping results! we were in new york during the sale days which meant massive sales at victoria’s secret!
4. & 5. we found the american apparel shop like 200 metres away from our hotel, so nice!
6. Nanne on 5th avenue. i LOVE how the Zara bag says ‘dear New York…’
7. Miu Miu, Burberry.. New York has the best stores when you want to spend a lot of money on luxurious stuff.
8. i accidentally took this shot but i kinda like it though! i took this photo on 5th avenue.
9. my outfit during the big shopping day. a couple of hours later i was drowning between my shopping bags! i was wearing grey ripped jeans from H&M, a dark blue primark sweater, a coat from vero moda, my bag from ZARA and converse allstars from spartoo schoenen.
10. nanne, my boyfriend and me! just kidding 😉 of course we checked out the hot guys at abercrombie too
11. chanel, miu miu, burberry, breitling.. dreaming away in this street.
12. you’ve seen this one before but i just like this shot of me walking down 5th avenue so much 🙂
13. and again, a luxury store!
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Stay tuned, tomorrow you’ll get to see my purchases!

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