at unlimited PR’s bloggers day there were different activities we could attent. in my upcoming posts i will
show you more about these activities. first one: illy coffee!

at the illy coffee corner we saw the different kinds of coffee machines. don’t you just love the retro ones?
my favorite is the cream white one. and yours?
2. we tasted the coffee which was delicious. normally i’m not that into coffee but this cappuccino was lovely 🙂
3. the activity: we could make our own coffee cans! at the photo you see debbie from sixfeetfromtheedge designing
her own can. it was kind of hard to do on this screen but after trying a bit it worked out really well!
4. my own jennie-from-the-blog-can! cute right?? haha!

more activities to be shown so stay tuned!

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