blazer vero moda | top new look | shorts levi’s | belt primark | boots sacha | bag vintage | watch michael kors

i am so bad at taking pictures of my own inside so this is what you’ll have to deal with for today 😉 i am wearing my new leopard belt

from primark today. i love to combine it with these soft colors. today is a pretty exciting day! we’re going to film for our
first project at school and after school i will take the train to amsterdam for the Esprit style battle! i entered a competition
and i passed the first round. today it’s time for the second round. together with the other contestants i’m going to the store
and in the store we have to style ourselves. the theme is ‘big city’. i don’t have any idea about how many contestants there
are and if i have any chances of winning but i will just go for it and do my best! the best will go on to round number three, the final
round. the big winner gets 1000 euros to spend at esprit + he/she gets to style a photoshoot for a big dutch magazine. so, i’m
pretty nervous right now!

i always tweet about these events and i like to keep my followers updated. i will also tweet about the
Esprit style battle, so if you’re interesting in following my experiences at esprit, make sure you follow me on twitter!

AAAAND: i have 1000 followers!! thank you all so much for following me 🙂 🙂 this feels so great!


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