i have promised you that i would keep you updated about my admission for the willem de kooning academy. after a long time of waiting i finally got a response. i had written a really long letter and i asked them really clearly to explain to me why they had given me a 1 for my portfolio and two times a 0 for my interview. the response made no sense at all and it’s clear that they didn’t even read my letter. it said; “i understand that you’re not accepted to our academy. i suggest that you take a look at our 2 year ‘fashion’ course.” that’s all. no explanation, nothing. it’s just a message they copy and paste as a response to every e-mail i guess.. since i’ve got the feeling that i’m not taken seriously i decided to go and search for another study. if they act like this right now, i wonder how they will act when the year has started.. so after a little research i found a study called ‘communcation & multi media design’ which is also in rotterdam. it sounds really exciting and i think i’m going to attend this one! any readers who are attending this study right now? let me know about the good and bad sides, i’m curious!


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